jordan sellers

Consultant in New York

i'm a huge geek.

i geek out mostly over 4 things: computers, clothes, sustainability, and startups.

i'm also into running, biking, compassion, poetry, yoga, meditation, movies, books, food, coffee, social media, music, learning, and getting stuff done. but who am i?

i like to wear a lot of hats: a friend, a lover, a teacher, a student, an american from paris, a problem solver, an entrepreneur, a techie, a neat freak, a burner, a host, a designer, and most of all an actor. but what do i do?

well, currently i'm doing tech consulting, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their e-comm, ERP, SEO, and [*insert-acronym-here*] needs. i am proud to work with MHI where we specialize in enterprise cloud software, including Oracle NetSuite, Dell Boomi, Stripe, and Google Cloud Platform. in my personal time i also work with NVC via the NYCNVC. i also hang out a lot with the prince of puppies, Owen. so what's next?

in the future, i want to keep being so lucky.